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    School Owners:
    PKJN Timothy King/
    SBN Barbara King

    Physical Address:
    Kuk Sool Won™ of Oak Hill Martial Arts
    6001 W. William Cannon Drive, Ste 307
    Austin, Texas 78749

    Phone: (512) 899-8710

    Text: (512) 842-4334

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    Mailing Address:
    Kuk Sool Won™ of Oak Hill Martial Arts
    P.O. Box 92947
    Austin, Texas 78709


    Our son joined Kuk Sool Won of Oak Hill in October 2017. We were looking for a martial arts studio and after reviewing several, we decided to join this one. Nearly 9 months later, we couldn’t be more happier. Our son loves the school and all the instructors. The school’s owners Barbara and Tim are really nice people who make everyone feel welcome and the school is like a large family in itself. The other instructors really look up to Tim and Barbara and have been imbued with the Kuk Sool spirit. The ocassional family night complete with potluck dinner ought to convince you that this is more than just a martial arts class.

    I like that the school emphasizes discipline and good behavior above everything else; something that I’ve found lacking in other youth activities. The techniques follow later and even though not all students are equally talented, everyone get treated the same. I often sit in the classes after a long day’s work just to watch everyone practice their art; it’s is somewhat relaxing and always sends me home with positive vibes. Expectations for the students are very clear and progress can be steady for those who tend to attend regularly. Thankfully, you don’t have to drag our son to class and he’s always willing to go. With a fixed monthly fee structure, you can attend as often as you want and there’s no excuse for slacking off.

    I hope to see my son move up to black belt (or as they say, Jo Kyo Nim) and beyond. I highly recommend this school if you are looking for a fruitful and engaging activity for your kids.


    I wanted to take a moment to write about our experience with KSW of Oak Hill. The school and instructors are simply outstanding, and as a result, all three of our children are students. Tim and Barbara King, as well as all of the instructors run an intensive yet very nurturing program. We appreciate the focus that this school keeps on the traditional standards of Kuk Sool Won, and the discipline that results from it with our young students. To put it simply, you truly earn your belts and stripes in this program, and the results show in the travel tournaments. Lastly, we feel completely comfortable dropping off our kids without our supervision at their classes, as all of the instructors promote safety and security above all else. Five stars for sure!


    Our son has been attending Kuk Sool Won of Oak Hill for almost four years. We have seen such a huge change in him in this time. Tim and Barbara King are excellent role models who hold their students to a high standard while still being kind and encouraging. Our son is not naturally athletic or coordinated, and when he started he also wasn’t terribly motivated or self-disciplined. Through their example and their teaching, he has gained a great deal of strength, respect, and confidence. I wanted to find a place that teaches the value of actually working to get good at something, in addition to just feeling happy about it. At Kuk Sool Won, the instructors are warm and helpful, but the students are also challenged to live up to the expectations, and in our family that has made a world of difference. Tim King is one of those gentle but powerful men who can inspire a generation of leaders. We are a homeschooling family, so finding meaningful relationships with outside teachers is important to us. We are glad to have Kuk Sool Won of Oak Hill on our team.


    We couldn’t be happier with our experience at Kuk Sool thus far. It’s run with excellence (clean facility, organized, good communication) and the instructors have been consistently wonderful. (My children learn from several different instructors and appreciate all of them for different reasons.) They are encouraging and patient while promoting a high standard of etiquette, respect and discipline. Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Kuk Sool Won of Oak Hill.


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