UPDATED 10/25/21

As we are in Stage 3 once again, we are reminded of our resiliency as martial artists and the ability to pivot in the face of adversity. This time last year we were training in the park and refused to let Covid close our doors as so many of our fellow martial artists friends had to do. 


Effective immediately, we will have a maximum capacity of students/instructors in the school at one time. If the student population is over a certain amount, the class will be split in half and training will be rotated indoors and outdoors. 


If you do not feel comfortable training inside the school, please let the instructor know and you can safely train outside on the sidewalk with the door propped open.  


If you don’t feel comfortable doing techniques with a partner, please let the instructor know and we will make sure you are still learning the technique properly. If you feel comfortable working on techniques but prefer to wear gloves, this is strongly encouraged and supported. 


The waiting area will not be available due to crowding and close contact. Students will need to wait to enter the school until ALL the students from the previous class have left. You will not be allowed to come inside the school and wait for the next class if you are early, you will need to wait outside or in your car.


Brand new parents are invited to sit inside the school to observe their students first class. Otherwise, parents are requested to sit outside on the bench, chairs, or in your car. Please don’t hesitate to ask to borrow chairs.


Masks are mandatory indoors and outdoors along with social distancing practices and strict Covid Guidelines will remain in place as they always have. We will continue to wash hands when the student enters the school and when the student leaves the school, along with dismissing several students at a time. 


Please bring extra masks, gloves (if necessary), close toed shoes, lots of water, sunscreen, and hat for outdoor training. 


The most important things are the safety and well being of all of our Kuk Sool Won of Oak Hill families.


We appreciate your support, flexibility, and understanding. 



PKJN Tim and SBN Barbara

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