Tiny Tigers (Ages 4-6)

The Tiny Tigers Class will teach:
•Self control
•Improved Body Awareness
•Improve Listening Skills
•Fine and Gross Motor Skill Development
•Taking Turns
•Positive Discipline
•Character and Behavior Development
•Goal Setting

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Children Ages 7-12

Our children’s program is designed to help students develop focus, discipline, and respect. The activities that are done in class help to improve coordination and balance. The belt system is designed to teach students to set goals and to feel proud when they accomplish them. They learn commitment and perseverance that they are able to apply to other areas of their life, including school. Our children’s program helps to “shape tomorrow’s leaders through martial arts today.”
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Adults Ages 13+

Exercise is one of the biggest reasons adults join our program. Each class we move all of our joints, stretch each muscle, and strengthen our ligaments and tendons. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel after each class and many aches and pains get better when you exercise correctly. Martial arts classes are much better for the body than the gym, running, or any other physical activities because it is a total body workout, very little impact, and the best part is the motivation! Martial arts training is a belt system with set curriculum, so you’ll be setting attainable defined short and long-term goals that will help you keep track of your progress.

Since martial artists are trained to focus on the present task, distractions melt away into the background, also helping to significantly lessen the stress accumulated throughout the day. You’ll be surrounded by positive people who all encourage each other to succeed in the martial arts. Students who train together develop lifelong friendships. The mutual respect and positive environment will enhance and enrich your quality of life!

Age is just a number…if you can walk up and down stairs and lightly jog, you are probably a good candidate for our adult Martial Arts program. If you have a preexisting medical condition or injury that will affect your experience, we will modify or substitute the movements. It is widely thought that Martial Arts is just for kids, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We have many students who are over 50 years old and some that are over 60! Why wait until tomorrow to start, why not start today?

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If you have a preexisting medical condition that will affect your martial arts training or become aggravated with repetitive martial arts training, please see a doctor for a release before starting the martial arts program. Ask your instructor to modify techniques, strikes, and forms if you find them too difficult. For some people, it might be enough to tone down the intensity of the movements. For others, it might be necessary to avoid certain techniques or movements altogether. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, so be sure to talk to us if you have any questions as we want the martial arts to be a fit for your lifestyle.
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Color Belt In House Tests

Testing is scheduled monthly; however, students are not eligible to test every month. Typically most students AGES 9-ADULT test every 2-4 months (AGES 6-8 test every 3-5 months) depending upon regular weekly attendance (minimum of two times per week or more), curriculum knowledge, practicing at home, attitude, and overall behavior in class. Each student needs to demonstrate a positive and respectful attitude towards their instructors, black belts, and peers. Having a good attitude at all times is a very important aspect of martial arts training.

We pretest the week of the test and when the instructor feels you have learned the material for the next level well enough to test (and it has been at least 2 months since your last test) and you have a good attitude in class, the instructor will give you a testing sheet and invite you to test. For each test you will demonstrate not only the new material for that level, but also all the material you have learned before.

As a Dahn Bo Nym (Black Belt Candidate), the testing cycle is every three months – February, May, August, and November. Please note that DBN tests are not automatic: testing is based upon learning and retaining all the material necessary to promote to the next stripe. The student must also have regular attendance (minimum of twice per week), exhibit good behavior skills, and be ready to take on the next level of responsibility.

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